focusd, the solution for focused productivity

Focusd on one thing

Take notes in the infinite outliner and drag them to the calendar to plan your day. Then get into focus mode to focus on what really matters.

focusd, the solution for focused productivity

“Years of zen productivity practice turned into a product to help you be more effective, focused, and confident.”

“In your quest for productivity, preparation is your secret weapon”


focusd integrates key ingredients to help you get in the flow

Infinite outline

Take notes using our infinite outline to organize your ideas, thoughts, and tasks. All in one place

Focus mode

Avoid multitasking and regain control of your attention with our deep focus mode


Reuse your existing calendar, and reserve time blocks to work on what counts

A community of practice

focusd community

Join the focusd community to learn from our experts, exchange ideas, workflows, tips and tricks about productivity and personal organization.

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  • Productivity experts to guide you

  • Curated resources and productivity guides

focusd community

Founder, Author, Productivity nerd

Sébastien Dubois

I've been working for 15+ years in the IT industry. I'm also a knowledge management specialist and a published author.

I focus on building delightful digital experiences to propel humanity into the future.

Software Development Coach, Productivity NERD

Focused on building a better world through technology.

André Casal

A word from the founders

Without focus, our attention is split between many competing goals, and we end up not achieving much. We wonder where our time has gone, and feel bad about ourselves.

We know that feeling. This has happened to us as well. But not anymore! Out of passion and curiosity, we have researched and experimented with productivity techniques for many years.

This has allowed us to refine our personal organization and productivity systems to become better versions of ourselves: much more aware and intentional about where to spend our time and energy. Much more focused, effective and productive throughout the day.

focusd is a product that embodies our lessons learned. It helps us keep track of our knowledge and ideas, organize our days efficiently, and focus on one thing at a time.

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